The Day of the Spinning Man

In the city on this day. August 2, 1994

Exists the most elusive magic. There were wild weeds growing tall on one side.

Empty soda cans scattered on the other.

The path cutting right through the center.

The actor/ The actress/ the Lover/ The loveless.

The procession is in the streets.

No hymns- no drummers passing by this window.

The prey becomes the hunter.

According to the way this story is told.

The doll holder/ The doll maker.

The mother/ The healer/ The affecter/ The afflicted

The regal/ The cast aside and all that is seen and unseen.

Wait silently in the future.

Everything… as it must be.

Wild weeds chest high on one side.

Empty soda cans bent at the knees on the other.

The path constant and through the center.

This is the day of the spinning man and everything has changed forever.

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